Chicane have over 30 years of experience building Aston Martin engines. With thousands of hours going in to research and development, this produces a superior engine to our rivals. This is the heart of the car, why compromise.

From a DB4 right through to the naturally aspirated V12 cars, we can build your perfect engine. Please call Dan on 0118 932 6973 and he can discuss all your needs.

Engine Building
Chicane’s care and commitment when preparing your engine, whether it be a minor refresh, a major rebuild or a heavily modified engine, ensures optimal results in terms of strength, performance and reliability. Each engine is assembled using only the best components. Every complete engine is then dynamometer tested, power-run to optimise ignition timing, fuelling and other variables, ensuring that your engine is ready to perform as intended.

Classic Era Engine Tuning
The expertise required to properly tune the classic Aston Martin engines, with their multiple SU carburettors and points and condenser ignition systems, is now almost a lost art. We remain totally conversant with the idiosyncrasies of these engines and can diagnose and rectify any of the niggling issues which might otherwise detract from your enjoyment of your Aston Martin.

Modern Era Engine Tuning
Custom mapping, ECU repairs/upgrades for optimal performance and throttle tuning will all improve the performance of your new era Aston Martin engine. Our highly experienced electronics and engine experts are well versed in these dark arts and able to deliver a startling boost in your car’s performance

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Chicane’s workshops are located conveniently on the borders of Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey (within 40 miles of London). To discuss your requirements with Chicane please get in touch below

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