Subtle enhancements to your Aston Martin are a Chicane speciality. Enabling you to enjoy the warmth and charm of driving a luxury British marque without any of the reliability issues associated with a classic vehicle. We can enhance your Aston Martin with discreet improvements that will transform your driving experience without compromising on the original style of your car

Every driver’s requirements are different and at Chicane we know that. Our modern manual gearbox has a great classic feel when shifting but with all the ease and positivity of a modern luxury sports car. Our modern automatic gearbox is ideal for the customer that wants the automatic drive with improved efficiency and performance. We also offer David Brown overdrive conversions for DB4s. We can rebuild your original ZF manual gearbox for the DB5, DB6 and V8 using modern techniques to make for smoother shifting and noise reduction including ratio changes

Brake Upgrades
Chicane’s optimum braking packages provide the ultimate in stopping power within the constraints of the car’s original wheels. Without changing the appearance of your Aston Martin, these enhancements give you more braking confidence without aesthetic compromise. Popular choices include improved calipers, discs and servos supplied for classic and modern models

Pedal Adjustments
If the biting point of your clutch, the travel of your brake pedal or the throw of your throttle pedal is less than desirable, we can help. With subtle modifications to the bracketry, linkages and/or pivot geometry, significant improvement to the sensitivity of your pedals can be effected. We can perform these modifications throughout the classic range into the modern era.

Suspension Upgrades
These are available for all classic Aston Martin models. Chicane has developed two in-house suspension upgrades; one for most six cylinder models (DB4, DB5, DB6) and another for the DBS and all V8-engined cars. Our upgrades improve road holding whilst retaining an appropriate degree of refinement in ride quality. Both upgrades include uprated road springs and Koni shock absorbers. For early V8 cars, if your vehicle still runs the original lever arm shock absorbers, we can convert these to telescopic dampers using an Aston Martin supplied kit. On six cylinder cars, if you wish to improve your car’s handling, we would strongly advise a tyre-upgrade as a first step, followed by our roll-centre and bump-steer modifications (which dramatically improve front-end turn-in) and rear telescopic damper conversion

Heat & Sound Insulation Upgrades
For many owners the experience of driving a DB4, DB5 or DB6 as equipped in 1959 is no longer acceptable. Hot air and noise enter the passenger compartment from the engine bay, whilst heat radiates from the exhaust system into the passenger footwell. Retro-fitted modern seals, sound-proofing, heat insulation and air conditioning refinements reclaim acceptable levels of sound and heat intrusion and allow us the opportunity to improve your ownership experience

Entertainment and Technology Upgrades
Whilst retaining the style and beauty of your original interior, we can install the latest audio-visual and navigation technology discreetly hidden from view. Subtle satellite navigation can be installed without the need to stick a unit to your windscreen. MP3 and CD players and speakers, together with handsfree capability for your mobile phone, can be fitted without compromise or harm to your car’s original electrical wiring

Power Assisted Steering (PAS)
Chicane has developed its own power steering systems for models not originally equipped with this ‘modern must-have’. Our kit is resistance-adjustable to meet different driving styles. This upgrade is a great way to ease your driving experience

Instrument Illumination Upgrade
Using highly efficient, low power consumption white or coloured LEDs, our instrument illumination upgrade offers a dramatic improvement when driving at night. Visibility of dials, buttons and other accessories significantly enhances your driving experience

Headlight Upgrades
The advantages of upgrading your Aston Martin’s aging headlights to brighter, energy efficient HiD lighting are obvious. Improved safety, visibility and reliability all come hand in hand with this popular upgrade. Please contact us to find out more

Air Conditioning Systems
Chicane’s bespoke air conditioning systems for originally unequipped classic models and those with lacklustre output, permit the sort of climate control expected by today’s clients. Current and older style air conditioning diagnosis, service, repair, fitment, upgrade and enhancement are all possible. As always, all supplementary works are discrete, both within the cockpit and under the bonnet

DB6 Locking fuel caps
Fuel theft or contamination is unfortunately a real possibility anytime your Aston Martin is parked in public. As with any model drawing the attention of such a prestige marque, this relatively inexpensive option provides peace of mind against such petty theft and vandalism

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